A Fresh Morning Chia Bircher

Kick off your morning with the perfect combination of the chia pudding and fresh, natural yoghurt, with a handful of oats to reach the perfect consistency. The perfect morning snack, easy-to-eat, and filling in a nice and comfortable way.


Make sure to have some fun with the recipe – get creative with the toppings, and experiment with adding fruit and seeds into the porridge. Think of this as the perfect base, and play around with it to find your own perfect combination!



1/2 dl chia seeds

2 dl plant based milk (I used coconut milk)

a handful oats

2 dl yoghurt

1 apple, in small pieces


roasted and chopped almonds

goji berries

chopped apples


acacia honey


  1. The night before. Mix your chia seeds and milk, and let it sit in your refrigerator overnight.
  2. The following morning. Mix your chia pudding with the yoghurt and a handful of oats. Add more oats if you like your bircher a bit more firm, and add more yoghurt if you like it a bit more liquid, add a bit of milk if the yoghurt doesn’t quite do the trick for you.
  3. Top with whatever you like! I listed a few of the things I usually like to put on, but get creative!


A little tip for you… this bircher is a perfect on-the-go breakfast. Fill a mason jar or a container and bring it with you!

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