Snickers Dates

Be prepared to fall in love with dates. Dates swept in chocolate and filled with peanut butter and peanuts. It almost doesn’t get better, does it? Only when you find out that it is extremely easy to make, and only takes 4 ingredients.


And why is it Snickers Dates? Because of the yummy, gooey caramel-like dates, the peanuts and the chocolate.

All you have to do is split open the dates, remove the pit, fill it with peanut butter and peanuts, and finally dip them in chocolate. It’s very quick to make, and very simple.



makes 15 dates

15 dates, pitted

5 tbsp peanut butter, chunky

10 peanuts (optional)

1 bar chocolate, 85%



  1. Cut half way through the dates, til you hit the pit. Gently, open them up and remove the pits.
  2. Place a scoop of peanut butter in the place where the pit was. I found it easiest to use a knife for this.
  3. Press a peanut into the peanut butter, and squeeze the date shut.
  4. Dip the dates in melted chocolate, and let them dry. If necessary place them in the fridge.
  5. Optionally, drizzle with extra chocolate, freeze dried berries, sea salt flakes, or maybe even chopped peanuts. Store in fridge, and enjoy!




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