Blueberry & Basil Booster

The Blueberry & Basil Booster is a great way to start the day. The protein powder ensures that you won’t leave hungry. Also, it’s equally satisfying and delicious.


I like to drink a smoothie like this when I get home from school and before training. My preparation vacation for my exams will be enjoyed on my roof terrasse with a Blueberry & Basil Booster in hand, slouched over my books.


I love the taste of ginger, so I usually double the amount that I used in this recipe.


for 1 person

2 ripe bananas

3 tbsp frozen blueberries

6-7 fresh basil leaves

1 piece of ginger, approx. the size of your little finger nail

half a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I love this one from Pure Power)

1 dl water

4 ice cubes


  1. Blend everything, except the protein powder.
  2. Add the protein powder and blend again. Serve and enjoy!


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