Cacao Bliss Balls

These little wonderful snacks taste heavenly, and are super healthy! They are just as easy to make as they are delicious, so why don’t you go on and try them?


One thing that you should remember when making these is that it’s a good idea to blend all the dry ingredients first, because when the sticky ingredients have been added, the batter turns into one big bliss ball, and it gets a bit hard to blend it :).



1 cup / 2dl cashews

15 almonds

1 cup / 2dl rolled oats

2 tbsp raw cacao

1 cup / 2 dl dates, destoned

2 tbsp acacia honey

extra raw cacao

100g melted chocolate


  1. Place cashews, almonds and oats in food processor and pulse.
  2. Add cacao to mixture, and pulse again.
  3. Add dates to mixture, and pulse again.
  4. Add agave nectar to mixture and pulse again.
  5. Roll into bite size balls, roll in cacao, or dip in melted dark chocolate. Enjoy!


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