Frozen Yoghurt and Granola Cups

Everybody loves fro-yo right? So who wouldn’t love a healthy alternative to it. Well, you found it? These are great snack for anyone who likes a small but good breakfast, or if you want a midday snack, or a quick pick-me-up.


I used a pre-made granola, with coconut flakes, puffed quinoa and many more delicious things, but you can of course also use a home made one. To get it to stick together i used a a bit agave sirup and a little butter. For some of my cups I used plain yoghurt, and for the rest I used plain greek yoghurt. Both of them worked well, but the greek yoghurt was more creamy and therefore i preferred that option. After adding the yoghurt top them with dry toppings and pop them in the freezer overnight. Top with fresh berries when you’re ready to eat!


1 cup / 200g granola

1 tbsp butter, melted

1 tbsp agave nectar

plain or flavoured yoghurt

toasted coconut

cacao nibs

dried cranberries

fresh berries


  1. Melt butter. Add butter and agave nectar to granola. Mix until all the butter and agave nectar is evenly distributed.
  2. Press granola into a muffin tin, so it covers the bottom.
  3. Place approximately 2 tbsp of yoghurt in each mould, and top with whatever toppings you chose.
  4. Freeze for at least two hours, and enjoy!

billede (1).jpg

IMG_2247 (1).jpg


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